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Before purchasing any of my packages, we start with a FREE 15 minute consultation so we can see if we’re a good fit.

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EFT & Breathwork Packages

EFT Packages

When you purchase one of my packages, you will schedule your Discovery Session when you pay.  At the end of your Discovery Session, I will assist you to schedule your EFT Sessions.

Starting the Process

Discovery Session +

Three 60-minute EFT sessions

Going a Little Deeper

Discovery Session +

Six 60-minute EFT sessions

Deep Dive Package

Discovery Session +

Ten 60-minute EFT sessions

Single EFT Session

Established Clients ONLY

One 60-minute EFT sessions

“Rachel is so gifted in her ability to guide her clients in EFT tapping. My relationship with my partner has changed drastically in the time I have been working with her. I never thought doing this work on my own could change US so much. Thanks Rachel!” – S.W.

Transformative Breathwork Packages

Single Sessions are only available to clients who have previously purchased a Transformative Breathwork Package

Breathe for Joy

Three 90-minute Breathwork Sessions

Single Session

Single 90-minute Breathwork Session

“Wanting to explore new resources for Life coaching clients, I sought out Rachel with her niche and I was amazed. Certainly worth it!!” – B.C.