HI, I’m Rachel. Welcome. Glad you’re here.

As a biracial, bisexual woman, I know a little something about “feeling different”. Oh, and did I mention, I’m also a highly sensitive person (HSP)?

Never feeling like I ever “fit” in my skin was an every day experience. And, feeling the emotions of those around me…well…that wasn’t fun either.

After years of working in medical research for the Veterans Administration, and working as a licensed massage therapist since 2001, I’ve heard the stories of people in pain: mental, emotional, and physical. And while I loved that work, I often felt that there “had to be more” to offer people who were suffering. The medical establishment I was working in was so limited in addressing the needs of its patients, and as a massage therapist, people often shared more than just their physical complaints. In keeping to my scope of practice, I often felt helpless in addressing their mental and emotional requests for assistance.

Then, in 2011 something changed. I attended a class for continuing education units on acupressure. The chiropractor showed us a DVD of a research trial for veterans suffering with PTSD using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). After just one week, these veterans’ lives had changed in unimaginable ways for the better! People who could not function due to fear and flashbacks, were now doing things most of us take for granted. For years I listened to EFTer’s like Carol Look, Gary Craig and Dawson Church. Never did I imagine, one day, I’d have the knowledge and tools those folks used in the DVD to guide and assist someone in emotional, mental and physical pain.

And now guiding someone through the Coming Out process is my greatest joy.
I know first hand the emotional roller coaster the Coming Out process can be.

I combine my personal experience of Coming Out, with my knowledge of EFT and deep-listening skills to deliver a non-judgmental and safe container for your sessions.

Tony Robbins explains his purpose with this sentence: “I just always wanted to make it better.”

When I heard him say that, I remember thinking, “Me too!!”

I am a Certified, Accredited and Trauma Informed EFT Practitioner, graduate of the EFT Tapping Training Institute.

Expand to view my Credentials & Training
    • BA History, Lincoln University
    • Massage Therapy Diploma, Missouri College
    • Transformative Breathwork Certification, The Healing Arts Center
    • Transformations Level I and II Certification, Jim Morningstar PhD
    • EFT Level I and II Training, EFT Tapping Training Institute
    • EFT International Certified and Accredited EFT Practitioner
    • Integrative Life Community Building, Advanced Practicum, Jim Morningstar
    • IMX trained Pilates Instructor
    • Certified Aromatherapist, graduate of East West School for Herbal & Aromatherapy
    • Tapping Out of Trauma 1.0

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“Rachel is one of the kindest, most empathic Souls I know. The EFT sessions she did with me were amazing! They helped release some old blocks and really improved my life on so many levels! I highly recommend her. Give yourself the gift of a lifetime and book a session!” – S.S.